We hope the website gave you a positive idea as to what the Livingstone Foundation is trying to achieve in West London. Establishing a school with a relevant, exciting specialism and expanding secondary choice in the area.


The Free School needs parents in the area to sign our petition. The more signatures and interest, the easier it is to establish the school. Government sponsorship is in place but we now need evidence of your interest. 


In order to keep your data safe, please use our message box. Your information will be stored securely and safely as the petition builds. 


To 'sign' the petition, please leave your name and postcode in the form on the right. Use the message box to add any other details including your child/childrens year group and an email address (optional) if you want to be kept up to date with developments or ask any further questions. This is a completely non-binding petition and in no way will affect any future applications.


If you believe the school would be a first choice, please tick the box. 


If you wish to contact us you can email livingstoneschoolhammersmith@gmail.com


Thank you!








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